Yesterdays’ gone. Today is here. Whilst tomorrow waits for the desperate souls tapping to their subconscious, solicitously to unleash a memory once lost. Such he is. Basking on the fluorescent light in his apartment, makes him appear more jaded than he actually is. It’s the closest thing he has to sunlight. Been days. Being stuck … Continue reading STUPORS’ PARADISE


(Parable of the Dog)

That feeling when you find yourself guiltily lonely. Imagine of a dog who disobeyed his master for just a single moment. The master; drags it out of the house; lays the dog in the compound; takes a whip and lash on to the dog like he never knew it. The dog barks incessantly; it writhes … Continue reading (Parable of the Dog)

(The Burials)

He burst open the door swiftly with a kick that almost broke the hinges; perturbing the meeting that was taking place inside; held by the funeral committee. He was soaking wet; his dark skin absorbed every single bit of light present in the room. Bare chested; He staggered his way in clutching onto a whiskey's … Continue reading (The Burials)

(Clear waters )

My dancing days to the tune of an orange sun, setting at dawn; at the lakeside are over. Moments I spent sitting on a large white stone reminiscing; smoking away a week's turmoil; during weekends telling tales of a past that once was; are still embroidered in my thoughts. Once it was a shore of … Continue reading (Clear waters )

(ALBINO’S monologue)

*Dear Diary* I turn a leaf over; beneath it; its dry like it never rained. Thought I found a shelter. My dwelling place I found. I flip over a new page; its blank; silence lays untapped. I have to write my story. I have to reinvent myself. In my emptied psycho room; I stare at … Continue reading (ALBINO’S monologue)

(Colours of love)

Hazily She withdraws her gaze from me; then elevates her eyes to the view of the setting sun behind kisumu town. Smiles slyly then she says; "But Phill, I don't know the colours of love. I don't know how they look like.." What does it matter how they look like for someone who has never … Continue reading (Colours of love)

(You let the good girl go)

You let a good girl go when you couldn't keep it in your pants. She asked you to wait. She told you she wasn't ready. She said she couldn't have it yet. She said she was still laying her eggs, it wasn't safe. But you couldn't wait. Somehow you figured you can't spend a day … Continue reading (You let the good girl go)