“Open Application Letter”

Dear Reuben, I am only referring to you as Reuben because this is the initial of the email address I’m yet to send this application to. It should be noted that I have no idea who lies on the other end, and if Reuben is not the one reading this, then kindly replace Reuben’s name…


Yesterdays’ gone and today is here, whilst tomorrow waits for the desperate souls solicitously tapping on their subconscious to unleash fragments of memories once lost. Such he is; basking on the fluorescent light in his apartment, making him appear more jaded than he actually is. It’s the closest thing he has to sunlight. It's been…

(A Mirage of My Illusion)

You are not afraid of fire. You are afraid of enjoying the burn. You consume everyone around you; you want everyone to open up for you to consume their experiences, sadness and joy. You enjoy the tales, but you're afraid of telling yours, because they'll heal you. Because your world is a trap of eternal…

June: 15 Days of Depression.

Whats keeping me sane is knowing that things are going to change, and its a question of keeping myself together until they do.


Hi. My name is Anne and I have been depressed. Now that I have your attention…


I work out today. I do some lunges, planks and squats because exercise empties the mind and weirdly fills you with positivity and power. I find a comfortable spot in the grass outside, grab a good book ( Little Fires Everywhere ) and get immersed in it because reading is an amazing way to relax. Later, I put on some music and begin experimenting in the kitchen. I come up with a vegan dish.

I watch some Netflix and eat 3 bars of chocolate and some popcorn. Everything is good. Everything is perfect.


I play Kahoot with a group of friends over a video call, have a laugh and talk about all the things I would do on a random day out with them. I grab my glass of Krest…

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Melissa Writes

Genre:- Drama

Act 1

Scene 1
(The setup is an affluently furnished office. There is a  chair behind a desk and two other chairs in front. There is also a couch where the boss sits to “unwind” There is a telephone and files on the desk. Tyson enters while making a call really feeling high of himself. The secretary walks right behind him holding his briefcase and some files)

Tyson:- Have understood what I have told you? I have said that I want to book a flight to London on a private airline. No no I only want Emirates where my comfort zone won’t be altered by any form of disruptions. (His other phone rings the secretary hands it to him) Madam please hold I have another urgent call to attend to) What is it Shawn? …tell my wife to hand you the key to my Lamborghini that’s the one…

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Anyway, back to my story, instead of sitting around waiting for imaginary gifts and pats on the back, clap for someone today, applaud your friend, promote your friends business, smile to people, wipe tears from the people around you. Be a blessing.The universe has a way of paying back our good deeds. So does God.


We’ve all heard stories of people lamenting that they should be checked upon and bought flowers before they die. Maybe you’ve found yourself in the same situation where you’ve yearned for someone and have gone ahead to complain about how people are distancing themselves from you. I know I have!

But maybe it’s time to stop and pause, and reflect. What are we doing on our part? The word of God tells us to treat others how we would love to be treated and also the hand that giveth is more blessed than the one that receiveth. Aspire to be on the giving end, there’s a reward, a contented heart. Computer geeks like my cousin Francis will say GIGO(garbage in, garbage out). The point is, before someone buys you flowers, buy flowers for yourself, put them in a vase and…

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One Day

One day,
Corona will go away
And handshakes will come back
Hugs will be a show of love
Togetherness, a show of unity and joy
No more social distancing
No more new threats
No more scary tales of new infections
No more death news
No more discrimination of the Wuhan people
Yes, one day,

Thoughts Garage

One day,
We will smile again
The frowns on our faces will disappear
The bold grins will reappear
We will dance again
To the rhythm of the drums
We will sway to the wind
And be thrilled by the bird’s early morning hymns

One day,
We will be able to take a siesta
Without a worry of what tomorrow will hold
One day,
The heavy rains and thunderstorms will halt
The sky will be turquoise again and the sun, will rise
One day, there’s a day
When everything will fall into place
Like the flick of a switch
The parts of our puzzle will fit
And our hearts will stop thumping

One day,
Corona will go away
And handshakes will come back
Hugs will be a show of love
Togetherness, a show of unity and joy
No more social distancing
No more new threats
No more scary tales of new…

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(Mfangano Streets)

“Men and their cocks never cease to amaze me. “ Words that linger anytime I recall that fateful night.

As Written by Murila Donreed.


“I am twice the man you are”
She spat those words in my face. Her beautiful charming face had a thing for men, who were relentless to treat their women better, and sort pleasure in the streets. Men who were away from their homes when they were supposed to be cuddling their wives in their cosy beds. Word on the streets had it, that she knows how to send them back to their wives.

Her lips held a cigaratte. Tasty with the lipstick well applied on them. She smoked quietely with her body leaning on the wall. We starred at each other, and as she begun walking towards me. The way she made her steps, looked like those of a model on a runway. Short, precise and her body swayed in unison.

Wasted, I was a guest inside my own self. The streetlights were the only witness to what was…

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Dear Daughter (poem) (by Phill Ibsen)

Chivalry Magazine

Dear Daughter.

Don’t know what life has in store
Don’t know what tomorrow holds
Don’t know how grown you look
Do you still think of mom?
Do you recall dad’s face?
At heart you do exist

Don’t know what we did wrong
Mom n Dad tried to be strong
For you, you changed my perception
For you, I gave all my attention
Your face I never got to see
In my life, you I still seek

It’s been far too long
To hear just but your breath
Even just on a phone
Somewhere, someplace
Someone holds you somehow
My heart aches for this void
Maybe I would’ve been the best dad

Why things happen so fast?
Why I hadn’t had a second chance?
Why did I gave you up?
Why’d mom had to go?
She brought you in this world
She ought to watch you grow
I don’t understand


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