Yesterdays’ gone. Today is here. Whilst tomorrow waits for the desperate souls tapping to their subconscious, solicitously to unleash a memory once lost. Such he is. Basking on the fluorescent light in his apartment, makes him appear more jaded than he actually is. It’s the closest thing he has to sunlight. Been days. Being stuck … Continue reading STUPORS’ PARADISE



The first time we kissed there was no rainbow neither the feel of butterflies dancing in my stomach. There was no music: nor golden specks of sun rays in the morning as it perched through dew. The beaconing of hope and flicker of desires of what was yet to be, burnt vehemently in our eyes; yet still remained elusive. But the angst, the blood rush in my veins as our senses heightened, drove us to a distant world. A world broader than ourselves. Where, like waterlily on shores we could float. Lest we forgot to close our eyes.
There was silence. Nothing new. But the rhythm of our lips as they munched against one another in soft abrassion. The tasteless taste of saliva as they exchanged greetings in a two way traffic along a busy street; Was accompanied by the natural scent of animals breathing ghastly; the sweat that formed…

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